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Fiction / Training Table
« on: October 09, 2023, 02:29:28 AM »
Chuck Roastt was very busy, as busy as a grad student could be. He took two classes every semester. He also taught two classes every semester. That left him little time to do anything else. And he was paid so little to teach that he had to get an extra job as a tutor for the football team just to meet expenses. He worked with them every weekday evening for 2-4 hours and often more on weekends. That left him little time for anything else. He was so tired at the end of the day that he wished something would rescue him. Anything would be better than his endless toil and suffering. Anything.

Though none of the other grad students did, he always dressed professionally both for the classes he took and for the classes he taught. He wore a white dress shirt, a necktie, and dark slacks. Because he always went directly from classes to the stadium, he was always dressed in a white dress shirt, a necktie, and dark slacks when he tutored the football players.

After practice one day, the athletes showed and dressed in white shirts and ties because they were going to meet the press. After the athletes had dressed, they went to a special dining hall at the stadium just for them. They called it “Training Table” because the special food that they ate was part of their training to make them larger, stronger, and more aggressive. They ate massive amounts of meat to satisfy their hunger, which was especially intense after practice. They always invited Chuck Roastt to eat with them, and he always did. They always joked that he was too thin. Although they knew that Chuck Roastt lifted weights 3 times per week and ran 40-50 miles per week, they teased him that he needed to gain weight and work out more to give him larger muscles.

After they had eaten, Chuck Roastt helped them, mostly with math and composition. Because he was willing to work with them for hours, even overnight if necessary especially if they faced a test the next day, they were very fond of Chuck Roastt. And they admired the fact that he was always dressed so well. More than one of them had joked that Chuck Roastt looked good enough to eat. And he did.

One night, a few of the athletes asked Chuck Roastt to come with them to the kitchen because they had something special for him. When they arrived, the football players surrounded him, subdued him, and tied him up. One of the athletes put him in a chokehold and choked him into submission.

Then they picked him and placed him in one of the enormous roasting pans that were used to cook the enormous amount of meat that they ate. As he was beginning to regain consciousness, they slid the pan into one of the enormous ovens and shut its door.

From outside the oven, the football players could hear him begin to moan as the oven heated up. As it heated up more and more, he moaned more and more. After a long time, he stopped moaning. He became silent, and they knew he was dead, cooked through, done, looking good enough to eat wearing the white shirt and tie that they had cooked him in, and looking ready to eat, so they ate him, completing their compliment, fulfilling their promise, and filling their stomachs. Yes, he did look good enough to eat, and he was quite delicious.

As his tasty meat molecules melded with their muscles, their own meat, they practiced extra hard the next day. Because of Training Table and Chuck Roastt.

General Discussion / Re: Happenings
« on: October 03, 2023, 11:16:12 PM »
I hope that people post more. Perhaps we can lead a trend!  :)

Fiction / Re: Roast Man
« on: October 02, 2023, 10:56:37 PM »
A good story. I identified so strongly with Lawrence so much that I want Jennifer and Vessy, or some other femcans or male cannibals to trick, capture, immobilize, and cook me, too. With an apple in my mouth, of course. In my fantasies, I am usually executed--usually by hanging--before I am cooked, but I would try this variation, too.

If any femcans or male cannibals want to play out this fantasy in a roleplaying orgy, I am very ready, very willing, and very able. As you wait with eager anticipation to cook me and eat me, I humbly and eagerly await your instructions for becoming your dinner. I will be tasty for you.

Fiction / Re: New Meat Stock
« on: October 02, 2023, 10:32:28 PM »
Good story. I definitely felt myself in Tommy's position--immobilized, tied up, strung up, getting off on his fantasy, and then realizing that he was about to cooked and eaten. I liked that, I identified with that, and I wanted the same for me. I am very ready, very willing, and very able for fantasy roleplay if any femcan or male cannibal is interested.

General Discussion / Re: Happenings
« on: October 02, 2023, 03:43:54 PM »
I am sorry that I have been off-line for so long.  :(

I have not been here since late May of 2023 when my laptop crashed hard. I didn't want to buy a new one because I knew that my sister had a laptop that she no longer used that she was going to give me. We finally made that happen in late September, and I spent a week restoring my lost files and fixing other issues. My new machine isn't perfect yet, and I still need to work on it, but it is usable.

I hope to read and respond to what other folks have posted soon. I hope also to post new items.

Thanks for your patience!  :)

General Discussion / Re: Happenings
« on: May 19, 2023, 08:41:38 PM »
I check every day, too. I am devoted to our shared, unusual kink, and I desperately yearn for stories to feed my urgent hunger, so to speak.

I am a writer by choice, by hobby, and by profession. I love to write. I earn my living in part by writing and by teaching writing. Accordingly, I am working on some new stories specifically for this forum.

I know how the stories end, of course; as always, I wind up being cooked and eaten, and loving every minute of it. In my stories, moreover, I am usually executed before I am cooked and eaten, and loving every minute of that, too. I am usually hanged (my favorite), strangled, beheaded with an axe or a sword, or beheaded by a guillotine. I have started the stories, but I am stuck because I don't know where to take them, that is, how to get from being captured to being cooked and eaten. All parts of the story are important.

But these stories have been in limbo long enough. I am a bit of a perfectionist in my writing. I am never satisfied, and I always want to rewrite a story, an article, or an essay, hence the delay. I should just finish them so that all folks can enjoy them: chefs, cannibals, meat, readers, observers, and everyone else. If I have to return to the stories after I have posted them to make them consistent, more interesting, more satisfying, and more delicious, then I shall.

I'll try to finish one this weekend.  I hope that people enjoy how it--and I--taste. ;)

General Discussion / Happenings
« on: May 18, 2023, 03:38:03 AM »
Does anyone have anything new to share? I desperately yearn for new questions, new discussions, new stories, new encounters, new chef experiences, new meat experiences, new dinner prep experiences, new cooking experiences, new being cooked experiences, new eating experiences, new being eaten experiences. They are a lifeline for me, so to speak, even though in my fantasies I end up dead because I have been cooked and eaten. They keep me afloat. I need them.


I remain your willing meat-to-be, ready to be prepared, cooked, and eaten. Please.

Chuck Roast

Im creating a much better one that has more to do with the band and piggies being our buffet hahaha ;)

I look forward to being a part of your buffet. How do I volunteer? I have been lifting weights enhance my muscles, my meat, for you.

Fiction / The Trial of Chuck LeBouef: Part 1
« on: March 30, 2023, 07:18:24 AM »
This is just a stub, the beginning of a story. I'll add to it and revise what I have written from time to time. I already have an outline, but I have not written the full story. I have begun to expand and revise it. Enjoy! :)

Someone must have been telling lies about Chuck LeBouef. Or perhaps someone had made a mistake. He knew that he had done nothing wrong, but one morning with no warning, he was arrested.

Every weekday morning, he arose, showered, shaved, and dressed himself for the upcoming workday. His boss, a woman, was very strict about how he dressed in the office: white dress shirt; necktie; navy slacks; a black leather belt; black socks; and well-shined black dress boots. He didn’t mind the strict dress code. He liked the way he looked and felt when he dressed that way. He was fit, firm, trim, and muscular, and he knew it, and these clothes showed off his well-muscled physique. He liked being ogled by the women, and he liked being envied--and sometimes ogled--by the men.

Today was no exception. He looked great, and he felt great. The pain in his neck that he had gotten from neck strengthening exercises at the gym the day before had gone away at least for the time being. He was on top of the world. Nothing could go wrong for him. Nothing could cause him to fall.

Or so he thought.
At 8:00 in the morning, he cooked some meat and potatoes for breakfast before he left for work, and he always ate uneventfully. But as he sat down to eat that day, there was a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he was overwhelmed by several young men about his age who rushed into his room. They were dressed as he was, but they weren’t from his office. He didn’t even know them. He asked, “Who are you?” One of them, apparently the leader, replied, “Silence! We are here to arrest you and take you to headquarters, that’s who we are. Our prisoner is who you are. You do not need to know more. Indeed, you have no right to know more. You are nothing. Pinion his arms behind his back and handcuff his wrists together,” he ordered the other men. Then he barked at Chuck LeBouef, “You are our prisoner! You must obey all orders, or you will be punished! Severely! Come with us! Men, take charge of the prisoner!”

They grabbed Chuck LeBouef. He struggled and tried to resist, but the men had grabbed him so firmly and held him so tightly that his efforts were useless. He was a helpless captive. They tied a rope around his neck and used it as a leash to lead him as they would lead an animal. They half marched and half dragged him out of his room to a van waiting outside. The inside of the van was set up like an ambulance with a gurney in the center. His captors picked him up and laid him face down on the gurney, shackled his ankles together, and strapped him down. His captors took their seats around him. Chuck LeBoeuf cried out, “What the Hell are you doing?” The leader shouted, “Silence! You are our prisoner. Because you are lying prone, because your hands are cuffed behind your back, because your ankles are shackled together, and because you are strapped down, you cannot resist. You are our prisoner, and no matter what you say and do, you cannot escape. Be silent, lie still, and obey orders!”

Chuck LeBouef demanded indignantly, “I will not be silent! Why the Hell are you doing this to me? Where the Hell are you taking me?” The leader took an apple from a bag, shoved it in his mouth, and said, “Because you have defied the order to stay silent, this apple will serve as a gag to shut you up.” Then the leader laughed and said, “Besides, you should get used to having an apple in your mouth!” The other men laughed, too. “And it’s ironic that you should mention Hell. You should get accustomed to the flames of Hell, too! That’s going to come in handy where you’re going!” Then he and the other men laughed louder and longer.

Chuck LeBouef was afraid in a way that he had never been afraid before.

The leader took the driver’s seat, put the van in gear, and off they went. They rode for a long time, but because Chuck LeBouef was facing down and couldn’t see, he had no idea where they were or where they were going.

Finally, the van stopped. With his hands still cuffed behind his back and his ankles shackled together, he couldn’t stand up by himself, and even if he could have, he wouldn’t have been able to maintain his balance with his ankles restrained so close together as they were. They were in command and control of him, and they knew it, and he knew it, too. They could make him do anything they wanted. And they did. The leader took hold of the leash. He and the other men half marched him and half dragged him out of the van. Chuck LeBouef saw that they were in a valley surrounded by mountains that cast dark shadows everywhere. The eerie darkness was made darker by storm clouds passing overhead. He was surrounded by a deep dark that he could both see and feel. He let slip a gasp, and a shiver shook his whole body. The leader noticed and asked, “Are you afraid? Well, maybe you should be!” And he and the other men laughed long and hard again.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.

The men half marched him and half dragged him into the chateau. He cried out in pain, “Be careful! Go easy on that leash! It hurts! I’m getting a pain in my neck!” The men all laughed again, and the leader said, “You should get accustomed to having a rope around your neck, and you should also get accustomed to a pain in your neck! That will come in handy where you’re going, too!”

They led him into the chateau, through a huge dining hall, and through a large kitchen to a prison cell behind the kitchen, pushed him inside, and said, “You are our prisoner! You will follow orders, or you will be punished! Severely! You will sit on the cot and wait here!”

A few minutes later, several women appeared at his cell. They also wore white dress shirts like his. Some of them wore neckties, too. He was shocked to see his boss, Bonnie Cook, among them.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.

As the leader of the women, Bonnie Cook spoke sharply to him, “We are your captors and your owners! You are our prisoner are our slave! We have the power of life and death over you! You exist only for our pleasure! You live at our pleasure, and you died at our pleasure! You will obey our orders, or you will be punished! Severely! You will serve us at our pleasure! We will serve you at our pleasure!” The other women and the other men laughed.

Chuck Leboeuf began to speak, but she cut him off. “Silence! You will be silent! And you will follow orders!

“At this point in the proceedings, you will be referred to and addressed as ‘Chuck LeBoeuf’ or ‘the prisoner.’

“You will address us as ‘Mistress.’ If you address us in any other manner, you will be punished! Severely!

“You are in grave trouble. You have committed a crime. You will be tried for that crime, and you will be punished severely if you are found guilty. You are most definitely in gravy trouble!”

Frightened and puzzled, he meekly asked, “Do you mean grave trouble?”

She laughed and replied, “That, too!” And all the other women and all the men laughed, too.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.

General Discussion / Re: How would you like to be cooked?
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:22:28 AM »
All excellent ideas! Does anyone have more to share?

General Discussion / Re: Would You Back Out of Being Eaten by FemCans
« on: September 28, 2022, 02:16:10 AM »
Does anyone else have any thoughts on this topic? I would be very interested to hear more, to learn what other meat dinners-to-be think, what you feel, what you want, what you are willing to do, what you do to satisfy yourselves. Do you fantasize? Do you read stories? Do you write stories? Do you have partners for role-play?

I would also like to help generate more discussion. Talking about our shared interest in being cooked and eaten is exhilarating, satisfying, and liberating. 

Thanks!  :)

General Discussion / Re: Does Anyone Have Something New To Share?
« on: August 12, 2022, 12:51:57 AM »
I went home with a woman who said she would like to eat men. She asked if she could take a bite of my shoulder and I let her. She bit hard untill she could feel meat firmly in her mouth. She said she was happy I didn't make any noise and didn't struggle. The teeth marks stayed several days but the bruise was there for three weeks. A few people noticed some of the bruise near the collar of my shirt and they knew I was with her. I don't know if they knew she was into Femcan.

How exciting! I envy you. I am glad that you were meaty for her, and I am glad that you had muscles that someone would like to sink her teeth into. Did she reassure you that you were tasty? Did you roleplay a fantasy?

I would greatly enjoy finding a femcan for fantasy roleplay who would sink her teeth into the meaty muscles on my shoulders, my arms, my chest, my thighs, my butt. I hope that she would find me satisfying and would return for more female cook & cannibal/willing sacrificial man-meat role playing. I would greatly enjoy living out my fantasy of being cooked and eaten. In fantasy, not for real.

General Discussion / Does Anyone Have Something New To Share?
« on: August 08, 2022, 01:53:53 AM »
Things have been sadly quiet here of late. Does anyone have something new to share? Perhaps a new topic for discussion? Perhaps a question that might stimulate conversation? Perhaps a question about a personal experience? Perhaps an observation? Perhaps a fantasy? Perhaps a recipe? Perhaps a description of how the female and male chefs & cannibals who have chosen you for their special meal will prepare you for being cooked? Will cook you? Perhaps a description of how it feels to be sitting in your cell knowing your inevitable and inescapable fate, terrified because you know you are very soon going to be cooked and eaten? Perhaps a description of how it feels to be tied up by your chefs & cannibals as they prepare you to be cooked? Perhaps a description of that special in-the-kitchen, in-the-oven, in-the-roasting pan, in-the-stewpot, on-the-spit-over-the-flames experience?

More discussion would be most welcome! Thanks!  :)

General Discussion / Re: Devoured Stories
« on: July 05, 2022, 04:23:15 AM »

General Discussion / Re: Devoured Stories
« on: July 05, 2022, 04:17:22 AM »

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