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The Trial of Chuck LeBouef: Part 1
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The Trial of Chuck LeBouef: Part 1
This is just a stub, the beginning of a story. I'll add to it and revise what I have written from time to time. I already have an outline, but I have not written the full story. I have begun to expand and revise it. Enjoy! :)

Someone must have been telling lies about Chuck LeBouef. Or perhaps someone had made a mistake. He knew that he had done nothing wrong, but one morning with no warning, he was arrested.

Every weekday morning, he arose, showered, shaved, and dressed himself for the upcoming workday. His boss, a woman, was very strict about how he dressed in the office: white dress shirt; necktie; navy slacks; a black leather belt; black socks; and well-shined black dress boots. He didn’t mind the strict dress code. He liked the way he looked and felt when he dressed that way. He was fit, firm, trim, and muscular, and he knew it, and these clothes showed off his well-muscled physique. He liked being ogled by the women, and he liked being envied--and sometimes ogled--by the men.

Today was no exception. He looked great, and he felt great. The pain in his neck that he had gotten from neck strengthening exercises at the gym the day before had gone away at least for the time being. He was on top of the world. Nothing could go wrong for him. Nothing could cause him to fall.

Or so he thought.
At 8:00 in the morning, he cooked some meat and potatoes for breakfast before he left for work, and he always ate uneventfully. But as he sat down to eat that day, there was a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he was overwhelmed by several young men about his age who rushed into his room. They were dressed as he was, but they weren’t from his office. He didn’t even know them. He asked, “Who are you?” One of them, apparently the leader, replied, “Silence! We are here to arrest you and take you to headquarters, that’s who we are. Our prisoner is who you are. You do not need to know more. Indeed, you have no right to know more. You are nothing. Pinion his arms behind his back and handcuff his wrists together,” he ordered the other men. Then he barked at Chuck LeBouef, “You are our prisoner! You must obey all orders, or you will be punished! Severely! Come with us! Men, take charge of the prisoner!”

They grabbed Chuck LeBouef. He struggled and tried to resist, but the men had grabbed him so firmly and held him so tightly that his efforts were useless. He was a helpless captive. They tied a rope around his neck and used it as a leash to lead him as they would lead an animal. They half marched and half dragged him out of his room to a van waiting outside. The inside of the van was set up like an ambulance with a gurney in the center. His captors picked him up and laid him face down on the gurney, shackled his ankles together, and strapped him down. His captors took their seats around him. Chuck LeBoeuf cried out, “What the Hell are you doing?” The leader shouted, “Silence! You are our prisoner. Because you are lying prone, because your hands are cuffed behind your back, because your ankles are shackled together, and because you are strapped down, you cannot resist. You are our prisoner, and no matter what you say and do, you cannot escape. Be silent, lie still, and obey orders!”

Chuck LeBouef demanded indignantly, “I will not be silent! Why the Hell are you doing this to me? Where the Hell are you taking me?” The leader took an apple from a bag, shoved it in his mouth, and said, “Because you have defied the order to stay silent, this apple will serve as a gag to shut you up.” Then the leader laughed and said, “Besides, you should get used to having an apple in your mouth!” The other men laughed, too. “And it’s ironic that you should mention Hell. You should get accustomed to the flames of Hell, too! That’s going to come in handy where you’re going!” Then he and the other men laughed louder and longer.

Chuck LeBouef was afraid in a way that he had never been afraid before.

The leader took the driver’s seat, put the van in gear, and off they went. They rode for a long time, but because Chuck LeBouef was facing down and couldn’t see, he had no idea where they were or where they were going.

Finally, the van stopped. With his hands still cuffed behind his back and his ankles shackled together, he couldn’t stand up by himself, and even if he could have, he wouldn’t have been able to maintain his balance with his ankles restrained so close together as they were. They were in command and control of him, and they knew it, and he knew it, too. They could make him do anything they wanted. And they did. The leader took hold of the leash. He and the other men half marched him and half dragged him out of the van. Chuck LeBouef saw that they were in a valley surrounded by mountains that cast dark shadows everywhere. The eerie darkness was made darker by storm clouds passing overhead. He was surrounded by a deep dark that he could both see and feel. He let slip a gasp, and a shiver shook his whole body. The leader noticed and asked, “Are you afraid? Well, maybe you should be!” And he and the other men laughed long and hard again.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.

The men half marched him and half dragged him into the chateau. He cried out in pain, “Be careful! Go easy on that leash! It hurts! I’m getting a pain in my neck!” The men all laughed again, and the leader said, “You should get accustomed to having a rope around your neck, and you should also get accustomed to a pain in your neck! That will come in handy where you’re going, too!”

They led him into the chateau, through a huge dining hall, and through a large kitchen to a prison cell behind the kitchen, pushed him inside, and said, “You are our prisoner! You will follow orders, or you will be punished! Severely! You will sit on the cot and wait here!”

A few minutes later, several women appeared at his cell. They also wore white dress shirts like his. Some of them wore neckties, too. He was shocked to see his boss, Bonnie Cook, among them.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.

As the leader of the women, Bonnie Cook spoke sharply to him, “We are your captors and your owners! You are our prisoner are our slave! We have the power of life and death over you! You exist only for our pleasure! You live at our pleasure, and you died at our pleasure! You will obey our orders, or you will be punished! Severely! You will serve us at our pleasure! We will serve you at our pleasure!” The other women and the other men laughed.

Chuck Leboeuf began to speak, but she cut him off. “Silence! You will be silent! And you will follow orders!

“At this point in the proceedings, you will be referred to and addressed as ‘Chuck LeBoeuf’ or ‘the prisoner.’

“You will address us as ‘Mistress.’ If you address us in any other manner, you will be punished! Severely!

“You are in grave trouble. You have committed a crime. You will be tried for that crime, and you will be punished severely if you are found guilty. You are most definitely in gravy trouble!”

Frightened and puzzled, he meekly asked, “Do you mean grave trouble?”

She laughed and replied, “That, too!” And all the other women and all the men laughed, too.

And Chuck LeBouef was even more afraid.
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