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Wonder Sandswich
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Wonder Sandswich
I know that the majority of people are male longpigs and presumbably most cannibals are all femcans like FemcanLana, but I hope nobody minds if I put some stories that would include women being prepared, cooked and/or eaten by other women.  If there is an issue, then please just message me and I will delete this story, otherwise I will put the rrest of my sotries on here as well.



   Giganta walked into the kitchen humming a nameless tune to herself carrying her unconscious naked prize by her leg and a backpack over the other shoulder.  Giganta just couldn’t believe how easy it was to capture her nemesis. Normally it just went from her causing some kind of mischief, then that stupid pesky interfering nemesis comes along, usually alone, sometimes with her Justice Loser friends, then the fight starts and Giganta would be defeated but this time…..well this time her plan was different and two-fold. 
   Instead of Giganta being defeated, her nemesis would be defeated and then Giganta’s second part of her revenge will begin.  It actually worked, which surprised her.  After her nemesis was unconscious, she shrank from her 50-foot size, stripped the body completely and putting everything in a backpack, which she was going to use in her second part of her plan.
   Giganta walked to a cupboard and took out a glass jar and put her prize in it.  She then found a marker pen in a drawer and a label and wrote on it and then put the jar into the fridge at the back, shut the door and then walked away to do a bit of food shopping before changing into something special for her lunch.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

   Diana woke up, wondering where she was.  She realises quickly that she couldn’t see anything at all as It was pitch black and it felt that she was on a glass floor.  She immediately thought of her rogue gallery who would use glass as a floor but couldn’t.  then she tried to think of any of her allies rogue galleries.  Only several calling themselves Mirror Master/Mistress but she felt that was right either.  She then realises quickly that she as stark naked and she didn’t have any clothing on, her golden lasso, bracelets and tiara were all missing, even her earrings were also gone. 
   Okay, she thought, who would go all the way to do this.  Then she remembered hearing a call from the Justice League to go and stop Giganta from doing mischief.  Somehow, she ended up being defeated by her instead of being the victor. 
   She shook her head be rid of the cobwebs and sighed.  She reached out both of her hands and stepped forward.  It took a second to touch what feel like a glass wall, curved glass wall.  Curiouser and curiouser Diana thought and moved left.  It only gook a few seconds to realise that what it felt like a curved glass wall and a glass floor almost felt like a….well….a glass jar but that was of course silly. 

   She tried to jump upwards and found out 3 things.  1 she didn’t jump far enough as she gelt a glass ceiling only under a metre above her and 2 it felt that that she jumped like a mortal person and not a trained Amazon warrior, superhero or a metahuman.  The final thought that although it was getting a bit cold for her, not freezing but just cold and not because of her being naked.  She sat down, sighed, and waited for the inevitable bad guy/guys to come and explain their insidious plan to her as they always do.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
   Diana didn’t know how long it was, but it felt like hours but then she heard a noise, looked up and saw light.  She heard more noises but couldn’t recognise them and then it was dark again.  During that time with the light, she noticed her surrounds.  She was definitely in a glass jar as if she was shrunken and she thought she saw plates and plastic containers next to her glass jar prison.  She just shook her head thought and hope that she was unconscious, and this was just a nightmare.  But since she wasn’t, then she just couldn’t fathom out whether it was Giganta or someone else who shrank her, why she was put in a glass jar and what would happen to her.
   A minute later, she saw more light and then saw what looked like a hand come close and pic up the glass jar and carry into the light.  She notices that the glass jar had s white strip on one side which looked like a label with writing on it.  It took her a minute or two to read Special Ingredient in a marker ink backwards. 
   What the hell, she thought as she felt the glass jar being carried and then put down. She lied down and saw that there was a wooden surface with what looked like a plate with a slice of giant bread being mayo being spread on, then what looked like a giant piece of lettuce and then couple of slices of giant tomatoes on top.  Somehow she had a bad feeling on what or who the “Special Ingredient” meant.
   Then the jar was picked up and Diana heard a pop and looked up as the top of the glass jar was opened and couple of seconds later the jar was turned upside down and she fell out onto a giant female hand and a large red head with a hungry glint in her eyes and a wicked happy smile on her lips and then a giant tongue licked the giant red lips hungrily.
   Diana just stared at this giant member of her rogues gallery in complete shock and didn’t notice Giganta’s fingers of her other hand lift her up by her legs and hung her right in front of her face.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
   Giganta licked her lips again giggling at the anticipation of the tasty revenge that she was going to have.
   “Hello there princess.”
   Diana was too shocked to reply.  The reason was that she saw what Giganta was wearing.  Instead of her cave woman style clothing, she was wearing Diana’s Wonder Woman outfit, even with the tiara, red  earrings given to Diana by the queen of Venus of an alternate dimension, her Amazonian bracelets her girdle which have her superhuman strengthen which is why she was helpless now.
   “I have always wondered what it would be like to dress like you, and I have got to say that I do feel wonderful,” Giganta stretched the wonder, “you could say I feel like a wonder woman.”  She laughed and Diana saw Giganta’s clean and white teeth and had that bad feeling again.
   “You probably wondering princess what happened to you and whether you were shrunk?  Well, you weren’t.  You know that fairy tale Jack and The Beanstalk, well it really happened and I found the giant’s castle and so here is my new home and we are in my giant kitchen.”
   “You know what, I am hungry after that fight and I feel like having a light wonderful lunch,” she stressed the wonder again, “I have made half of it already and now all I need is my special ingredient.”  Giganta again licked her lips again and moved her special ingredient close to her lips and licked Diana from her face to her thighs.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

   Diana eventually got her voice back for a second after being licked by the giant tongue. “What, wait, hold up…..”
   But it was too late, her felt Giganta’s fingers that were holding her lay her sown face first onto the lettuce which had a large amount of may which covered her underside, then felt some more mayo being put on her and spread all over her back from head to feet and even though she now couldn’t hear anything because she was covered in mayo, she felt something being laid on top of her and she could almost see out of her mayo covered head something green blocking what little view she had. And then she felt a bit more pressure on her back and legs.
   Even though she wasn’t incapacitated, she was too shocked to even thing properly, never mind move and realised that the green stuff was lettuce, and the slight pressure was the 2 slices of a tomato.  And then a minute later she felt more pressure as the second slice of bread was put in place.  She then felt like being lifted up and turned around and for a few seconds felt like nothing was going to happen and then…..she screamed.

* * * * *

   Over the next few minutes, after Giganta put her former nemesis and now her special ingredient on top of the lettuce face first in the large amount of mayo she had spread on before opening the jar.  She then picked up the jar of mayo with a spoon in it and put couple of large spoonsful of mayo on top of her special ingredient as she thought of Wonder Woman now and spread it all over it.  Then she put another slice of lettuce on top and made sure it was gently but firmly on top and then 2sliices of a tomato were firmly on top of the lettuce.  Finally, Giganta spread more mayo on the second slice of bread and put that firmly on top which finished the sandwich making.
   She looked down at her lunch, giggled with delight at what was going to happen and licked her lips.  She lifted her lunch up and turned it around as she wanted to make the meat in the middle to suffer by eating it feet first.  Giganta opened her red lips with her perfect white teeth and took the first bite.

Oink, oink.

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