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Chuck Roast 1.1 Part Three
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Chuck Roast 1.1 Part Three
A fantasy About How Chuck Roast Came To Be Hanged, Cooked, And Eaten
Part Three

The Chief Hangwoman & Cook continued, “Since you have nothing to say before you are hanged, we will proceed with your hanging! Goodbye, Chuck Roast! May you hang well, may you cook well, and may you be tasty and delicious! Following our laws and traditions, I shall ring the execution bell 13 times. At the 13th ring, I shall hang you!”

Just at that instant, Chuck Roast found a thin, pale slice of his voice, and whimpered once more. “Please don’t hang me! Please don’t hang me! Please don’t hang me! Please, please, please, please, please don’t hang me!”

But the Chief Hangwoman & Cook had warned him that she was fatally finished with him, that she would ignore his pleas, that she was going to hang him. She was very tired, very hungry, and she had enough of the delays that had kept her from her well-deserved, well-earned, and very tasty dinner. She rang the execution bell 13 times as she had said she would and as tradition required. At each loud ring, he feared more and more, he tensed more and more, and he trembled more and more because he knew that he was about to be hanged. On the 13th ring, The Chief Hangwoman & Cook pulled the lever that controlled the trapdoors just as she said she would and hanged Chuck Roast. The trapdoors fell open with a startlingly loud and horrifying crash.


Chuck Roast plummeted through the open trapdoors.

He reached the end of his rope, a final fatal event that abruptly halted his fatal haltered fall. The noose tightened very swiftly and even more snugly one final, fatal last time around his neck; jerked his neck instantly back and to the right; smashed his larynx; rendered him silent; broke his neck, snapped it like a dry twig; crushed his spinal cord; and executed him, silencing him forever except for the yummy sizzling sounds he would make when he was cooked to a perfect, delicious doneness.



For several seconds after he was hanged, Chuck Roast experienced a noose dancing orgy, something that often happens to a man when he is hanged. His nervous system fired randomly and powerfully because his neck had just been broken. The overload to his nervous system caused every muscle in his body to ripple, twitch, and jerk. Of course, he was unable to enjoy his noose dancing, but the Hangwomen & Cooks enjoyed it greatly, for it meant that he was one step closer to being executed, to being dead, and one step closer to being cooked, and thus one step closer to being eaten, to being their dinner. And they were hungry for dinner.


He lived just long enough to hear the trapdoors crash open, and to hear and feel his neck break. He came again as he hang-danced and dangled from the noose, and he felt pleasure one final, fatal time in the last few milliseconds of his life. He swung like a squeaking pendulum from the end of the rope.



His hanging necktie, being a shorter pendulum, swung faster than he did, calling more attention to it and to his beautiful, crisp, freshly ironed, white, long-sleeved, button-down, tasteful and tasty, oxford cloth, dress hanging shirt.

He worried no more, he said no more, he pleaded no more, he feared no more, he felt no more, he was no more. He was dead. He was meat, just dead meat, just freshly slaughtered man-meat, and he was ready to be slowly and carefully cooked by the ravenous Killer Hangwomen & Cooks as they eagerly licked their lips, anticipated cooking him in his hanging clothes, and then eating him.

After Chuck Roast had been successfully hanged, the Hangwomen & Cooks used a stethoscope to verify that his heart had stopped and that he was dead.


When they were sure that he was dead, the Hangwomen & Cooks tolled the execution bell on the gallows again the traditional 13 times to officially announce that his hanging had been successful. He was dead. He was meat, just dead meat, just freshly slaughtered man-meat ready to be cooked in his hanging clothes.

The Hangwomen & Cooks posted on the gallows the official notice of his hanging to make it public information as required by their laws and traditions.

The Hangwomen & Cooks then cut Chuck Roast down, placed him in a large roasting pan, and shoved an apple in his mouth. Then they cooked him for many, many hours at a steady low heat so he would cook slowly and completely, so every muscle of his man-meat cooked completely, cooked all the way through, cooked perfectly to make it as tender, tempting, tasty, and delicious as it could be. They took special care to make sure that they did not cook him at too high a temperature or cook too quickly because they did not want to over-cook him. They basted him several times each hour with melted butter and olive oil according to their special recipe for man-meat to make sure that each muscle, each piece of his man-meat was cooked all the way through, cooked to perfection, cooked to an especially juicy and tasty doneness.

When the Hangwomen & Cooks thought that Chuck Roast was done cooking, they slid the roasting pan out of the oven and checked whether he was done. If he was not done, they basted him again to make sure that he stayed juicy and then slid the roasting pan back into the oven. If he was done, they took the roasting pan out of the oven. Then they used their very special, sharpened, shiny, stainless steel carving knives and forks to slice his tempting man-meat off him, and placed it on the beautiful special plates that they always used for displaying, serving, and eating man-meat as tradition required. They savored aroma of his man-meat. They were overcome with ecstatic joy at finally being able to eat him after all their work, all their troubles, and all their waiting. And they honored all his sacrifices, too, for they had surely sacrificed him when they hanged him and cooked him. It was for them a religious experience, part of their sisterhood, part of a sacred ritual that bound them together. They regarded eating him as the final act of that ritual, as their sacred obligation.

The Hangwomen & Cooks took their time as they ate him so they could savor and enjoy his especially tasty and delicious man-meat, the aroma, the texture, the flavor. Yum!

And he was delightfully delicious, memorably delicious, spectacularly delicious. He would be the topic of fond conversation for a long time as their memories allowed them to hang him, cook him, and eat him over, and over, and over, and over again, and so on forever.

After the Hangwomen & Cooks stripped off him as much of the remaining man-meat as they could, they refrigerated and froze it so that they could continue to enjoy eating him for a long time.

Then the Hangwomen & Cooks cut off his head, stuffed and preserved it, and mounted it on the wall of their dining room as a trophy.

Then the Hangwomen & Cooks boiled his skeleton with the man-meat that still clung it to make soup that they could enjoy eating for a long, long time. too.

The Hangwomen & Cooks also digitally recorded from several angles every instant from the moment when they entered his cell and found him sitting at attention on his cot contemplating his fate wearing his white, long-sleeved, button-down, tasteful and tasty, dress oxford cloth hanging shirt and his dark, striped, tasteful and tasty, silk hanging necktie; through their pinioning his arms behind his back and tying his wrists together behind his back as they prepared him to be hanged; through his march to the gallows; through his climbing the steps to the gallows platform on his way to be hanged; through his being positioned by the Hangwomen & Cooks on the trapdoors beneath the noose; through the Hangwomen & Cooks binding him securely so he could not fight or resist being hanged; through the Chief Hangwoman & Cook noosing him; through the Chief Hangman & Cook reading him the order of execution; through his being hanged by the Chief Hangwoman & Cook; through the Hangwomen & Cooks cooking him; and through the Hangwomen & Cooks eating him.
The Hangwomen & Cooks edited the digital video recording to make a comprehensive, real-time movie of Chuck Roast being hanged, cooked, and eaten that they could watch whenever they wanted to so they could relive every second of hanging him, cooking him, and eating him, and so they could delight in doing so. They watched it often, and they could taste him in their mouths, on their tongues, and down their throats every time they watched it.

The Hangwomen & Cooks cremated his remains, placed his ashes in an urn, and displayed it on a shelf beneath still pictures taken from the recording of him wearing his hanging clothes, his white shirt and tie; of him as the Hangwomen & Cooks led him forcibly to the gallows; of him as the Hangwomen & Cooks forced him up the stairs to the gallows platform; of him as the Chief Hangwoman & Cook and her assistants noosed him and tied him up; of him as he stood on the gallows with the noose around his neck waiting nervously to be hanged with the eager, hungry, lip-licking Hangwomen & Cooks surrounding him; of him just before the Chief Hangwoman & Cook hanged him; of him just at the instant that the Chief Hangwoman & Cook pulled the lever and hanged him; of him hanging by his neck with the fatal noose around his neck; of him hanging from the gallows on which he had just been hanged.

Next to the pictures, the Hangwomen & Cooks also mounted the noose with which he had been hanged.

The Hangwomen & Cooks engraved a brass plaque with his name, the date of his birth, the date of his hanging, the date of his being cooked, and the date of his being eaten. Then they mounted the plaque on the wall above his urn so that they would continue to honor and remember him as a sacrifice and as a meal, and especially to remember how delicious he was.

For although they were cruel, vicious, elite, ravenous Killer Cannibals and Hangwomen & Cooks, they were sentimental about Chuck Roast just as they were sentimental about all the men that they had hanged, cooked, and eaten; about the fear and the terror Chuck Roast felt before they hanged him, cooked him, and ate him; and about the absolute domination, command, and control that they exercised over Chuck Roast; and remembering that all the men they had hanged, cooked, and eaten always tasted better because the Hangwomen& Cooks had dominated them, had absolute command of them, had absolute of their victims when they hanged them, cooked them, and ate them. Absolute command. Absolute control. Absolute domination. Absolute successful hanging. Absolute successful cooking. Absolute delicious eating.

And Chuck Roast had been their latest prize, their latest victim, their latest meal.

And he had hanged well.

And he had cooked well.

And he had been delicious.
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