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Chuck Roast expected to be a guest for dinner but became dinner instead part 5
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Chuck Roast panicked! He tried to struggle again, he tried vainly to escape his impending fate of being cooked and eaten! He tried to scream again. “Shhh!” she said trying to sooth him. “Does that not that fit in with your dinner plans?” She laughed. “Well, it fits in perfectly with my dinner plans for you!”

He panicked even more. Above his head, several more faces popped into view, women’s faces. They were all smiling, and they were staring at him hungrily and drooling a little bit, too. They all licked their lips and swallowed hard.

Bonnie Cook said, “These are my friends, Chuck Roast! We all belong to the same coven! We are all gourmet cooks and cannibals! And you are perfectly dressed to be our dinner! Your white, long-sleeved, button-down, oxford cloth shirt is more than just tasteful! It’s tasty, too! I choose it specially just for that reason! The same with your necktie and your slacks, tasteful and tasty both! We removed your belt and your shoes because they would spoil the taste! And now it is time for us to cook you so that in a few hours when you are done, after you are cooked through to a special, hot, juicy, delicious doneness, we can eat you! Your tasteful and tasty, white, long-sleeved, button-down, oxford cloth shirt, and your tasteful and tasty charcoal gray slacks will hold your delicious meat juices close to you so that you will cook up better and taste better when we eat you! And your clothes will themselves absorb some of your delicious meat juices, too! They will help you cook up better and taste better, too! And your special necktie not only makes you look handsome, makes you look cute, makes you look good enough to eat, but it has made it easier for me to lead you to your inescapable fate, to lead you into my kitchen, to lead you like the meat animal that you are!” All the women nodded, giggled, and made yummy sounds. “And you were so willing, so eager to be our meat!” The cooks and cannibals nodded, giggled, and made yummy sounds again!

Chuck Roast tried to struggle, tried to escape, but his efforts were of no use! His fate was sealed, and he knew it! He knew that he was going to be cooked and eaten no matter what he did! And he was terrified!

“We’re going to cook you now so we can eat you later! Goodbye ‘til then, Chuck Roast! Now you know what I meant by you being my dinner … companion!” The cooks and cannibals all laughed and smiled again!

Together the cooks and cannibals slid the heavy roasting pan into the oven with him in it and shut the oven door designed to hold the heat in. Then they turned the oven on. The gas flames made everything visible to them as they watched him through the window in the oven door. The oven heated up slowly at first, and inside it, he liked the warm glow because he could see everything around him, everything that was happening to him. He liked the warmth of the heat, too. It felt good! And he liked the way that the cooks and cannibals were treating him as something so special, so rare, so treasured! He moaned with pleasure from realizing that! And he moaned with pleasure from the heat that felt so good! The oven heated up more and more, and he liked the feeling even more and more! And then he remembered to be terrified! He was being cooked, and he was going to be eaten!

The cooks and cannibals watched the oven glow hotter! It heated up the air around it! They felt that heat, felt it increase from safely from outside it! They were pleased, quite pleased! He moaned louder with increased pleasure. The cooks and cannibals heard him, and they called out loud enough for him to hear from inside the oven, “We can hear you moaning, Chuck Roast, and we are so very glad that you are enjoying the heat just as we will soon be enjoying your meat!” The cooks and cannibals laughed!

The cooks and cannibals were also enjoying his moans because his moaning meant that he was finally cooking for real! Yum! Although Chuck Roast was cooking slowly at first, the cooks and cannibals knew that the oven would heat up more and more, more and more, more and more until it reached optimal man cooking temperature, which was exactly what they wanted, exactly what they meant by making him dinner! Yum!

As he cooked, the cooks and cannibals anticipated finishing cooking Chuck Roast and eating him! Yum! They smiled, too, for they were enjoying his increasing moans, too, because his moans meant that he was cooking more and more, more and more, more and more, meant that he was getting closer and closer, closer and closer, closer and closer to being done! Yum! And that the cooks and cannibals were getting closer and closer, closer and closer, closer and closer to eating him! Yum! The cooks and cannibals quivered with insatiable joyous anticipation at the thought of eating Chuck Roast! And the cooks and cannibals could smell Chuck Roast as he cooked! They loved that smell! They loved the smell of man-meat cooking!

The oven got hotter and hotter, hotter and hotter, hotter and hotter, and Chuck Roast cooked more and more, more and more, more and more. And somewhere along the way, at some time in this temporary stop on his way to the table pf the cooks and cannibals, sometime during his time when was cooking in their oven, he stopped moaning because he was dead. He was cooking, and being cooked had killed him, killed him in a good way, though, because he was becoming dinner for the cooks and cannibals, and they liked that! They liked that very much! The cooks and cannibals liked anticipating having Chuck Roast for dinner!

A few hours later, he was still silent because, of course, he was long dead! He was cooked, he was done, he was ready to eat! Yum! The cooks and cannibals slid the roasting pan out of the oven and looked inside it. And there he was looking so tempting not only because he was cooked but because he had been cooked alive in his white cooking shirt, his cooking necktie, and his cooking slacks! Yum!

The cooks and cannibals savored the glorious, tempting, smell of his just cooked delicious meat! Then the cooks and cannibals sliced the meat off Chuck Roast and ate him, piece by delicious piece! And he was so tasty, just the way the cooks and cannibals wanted the men they cooked men to be! The cooks and cannibals made very satisfied yummy sounds as they ate Chuck Roast! Yum!

And as they ate Chuck Roast, the cooks and cannibals made plans for their next meat, their next meal, their next victim, their next man for cooking! They wondered if he would be as gullible, as willing, as eager for the job of their “dinner ... companion” as Chuck Roast had been! They wondered if their next “dinner … companion” would be as easy to hire, as easy to flatter, as easy to seduce, as easy to capture, as easy to prepare, as easy to cook, and as yummy to eat as Chuck Roast had been! The cooks and cannibals certainly hoped so because he would taste better that way! They were sure of that! He would taste just like Chuck Roast had tasted! Maybe better! And Chuck Roast had tasted so memorably delicious! In the future, the cooks and cannibals often remembered how much they had enjoyed cooking him and eating Chuck Roast, how he had made such a wonderful meal! Yes, the cooks and cannibals remembered Chuck Roast for a very long time! Yum!

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