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Chuck Roast expected to be a guest for dinner but became dinner instead part 4
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Bonnie Cook smiled and said, ďIím glad you said that! I shall take you up on that offer! I have special plans for you for dinner tonight, and Iím going to put them in motion now! Iím going to make you dinner tonight!Ē She moved her hands up his neck and massaged it harder and deeper, harder and deeper, harder and deeper. He moaned harder and deeper, harder and deeper, harder and deeper. ďPlease donít stop!Ē he cried out. ďI wonít!Ē Bonnie Cook replied. ďI know it feels good, very good, and Iím getting you ready for something even better! Iím getting you ready for dinner!Ē

Then Bonnie Cook tightened her grip around Chuck Roastís neck just at his Adamís apple and squeezed. The knot of his special necktie pressed against his neck as she did. He was loving every second of it, every minute of it! He wished she would never stop! Of course, he knew that she would because she would have to. She was just getting him ready for dinner and that she would stop soon.

After a few minutes, Bonnie Cook squeezed Chuck Roastís neck so tightly that he began to choke. He couldnít speak. He could only cough. He was afraid! Bonnie Cook choked him, and choked him, and choked him, and he coughed, and coughed, and coughed. As Bonnie Cook choked him, Chuck Roast wheezed and shook as he tried to resist her grasp, as he tried simply to breathe. She choked him tighter, so tight that his air was finally and completely cut off! Just before he passed out, he smelled something familiar but odd, a medicinal smell. He felt Bonnie Cook putting a cloth over his nose and mouth! And then it instantly came to him! Bonnie Cook had used ether on him! He was even more afraid! No, he was terrified! What is she going to do to him? Was this how Bonnie Cook was getting him ready for dinner? But he could not answer himself because there was nothing but darkness for Chuck Roast.

He did not know how long he had been out before he suddenly woke up. He was coughing again, but in a different way. Bonnie Cook had snapped a capsule of smelling salts beneath his nose, and he snapped to attention as he regained consciousness. And the smelling salts were causing him to cough.

Chuck Roast felt awkward. He was lying on his back. He was still wearing his white shirt, his necktie, and his slacks, but something was different. Suddenly, Chuck Roast realized that he was in metal container of some kind! There was no lid on it! And then Chuck Roast realized that he couldnít move! His arms were secured at his side! A rope tied around his chest and another rope tied around his waist held them firmly in place! Though he could not see them, he could tell that his ankles and his hips were tied together, too! He struggled as best he could, but he could not move! No, he could not move at all no matter how hard he tried! Bonnie Cook had something special, something dangerous, something evil in mind for him!

Chuck Roast was afraid, very afraid! There was an apple in his mouth! He suddenly felt like he was a pig tied up and ready to be roasted! He struggled again, and he began to shout as best he could, but the apple in his mouth was quite an effective gag! It prevented him from barely voicing anything other than weak, pitiful sounds! And then above his head, he saw Bonnie Cookís face! She smiled at him.

ďHello, Chuck Roast!Ē she said as she looked hungrily at him. ďItís me, Bonnie Cook! Itís time for dinner! And youíre going to help! Iím going to make you dinner!Ē She smiled again.

Chuck Roast tried to shout again. She smiled again and advised, ďDonít even try! Youíll only hurt yourself! Youíll run out of oxygen and die before you have to! You see, I didnít invite you to be a guest _at_ dinner! I invited you to _be_ dinner! I never intended to make dinner _for_ you! I always intended to make _you_ for dinner! I hope that you donít mind!Ē She smiled again as she drooled on him a little. Bonnie Cook said happily, ďItís your fault that I drool, of course! Iím simply anticipating a tasty, delicious, special meal as I get closer to cooking you and eating you! Yum!

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