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Author Topic: How would Femcans cook and eat me  (Read 850 times)

July 29, 2020, 05:56:57 PM
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I want to know how Femcans would prepare me to be eaten. How they would butcher and cook me!!! What parts of me do they enjoy the most? How they would feast on me and enjoy having me in their bellies!!! Any parts of me that they would not eat or keep as souvenirs!!! So excited to make my meat available for Femcans to enjoy!!!
July 31, 2020, 08:03:53 PM
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I think about me being prepared by Femcans to be in their belly. I so much want to be part of them and their food to enjoy. I am drug and disease free. So my body should offer good meat!!! I want them to enjoy and eat my cock after milking it first and enjoying my cum as part of it. After that I can be cooked, eaten and enjoyed anyway that they desire!!! I want the experience to be painless. Happy to have my throat cut and my body hung to drain my blood. Slice off my head and then cut my arms, torso and organs into nice pieces of meat that can be cooked and enjoyed over time. Everything else can be boiled and enjoyed as soup!!! My brains are not edible and can be fed to pets or animals. I want as much of me eaten as possible. I want the Femcans to enjoy my taste. Talk about my taste as they dine on my flesh. Think of me as I pass through their digestive system into their bellies. As I am digested I am excited to become part of them!!! To be enjoyed in every way as their food!!!