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New Meat Stock
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New Meat Stock


   Tommy had a fantasy, where he was cooked and eaten, and he had this fantasy for as long as he could remember.  He read as many stories as possible like Hansel and Gretel, where instead of the kids escaping and pushed the poor hungry witch in the oven, she managed to cook both of them and a hit single from the eighties called I Eat Cannibals.  Even the wraparound story line in the film Tales From The Darkside where the singer Debbie Harry’s character nearly cooked a boy called Timmy.  But again, in his mind Debbie Harry managed to cook the boy for her one of her infamous dinner parties.
   As an adult in the nineties he imagined a bit more on how he got either tricked into being cooked or being kidnapped and served up on a platter for a single cannibal or a dinner party.  He even imagined being caught and taken to a butcher’s shop or supermarket where he was displayed on the counter where customers would either select the pieces of meat or all of him.  He even went to a Dominatrix for roleplay which helped.
   After joining the internet community, he discovered he wasn’t alone in the fantasy and joined various porn and on topic sites like Pulptoon.com and discovered the terms long pig and femcan.  The role play online was even better than seeing the Dominatrix.  Tommy moved and started to go to a local butcher to buy meat, meat pies, etc and his fantasy of being hung and butchered to sold as pieces of meat and even displayed on the shop’s meat counter to be spliced up or sold whole came back.
   It was also the same time where he met Suzy, a trans woman, who worked at the shop and assisted the butcher.  After meeting her again in a pub across the read, they both discovered they had the same fantasy and Tommy discovered that Suzy was working at the shop to help with her transition and was the girlfriend of the butcher and even lived above the shop which was rented out by the butcher.
   After a couple of months of meeting Suzy at the pub or coffee shop and talking about their shared fantasy, he came up with an idea to at least partly make his fantasy come true with role play.  He had told Suzy how he would like to be either hung in the fridge or lay down in the meat counter and she laughed and told him that it could backfire either way as the butcher would either accidently butcher him and sold his meat or do that as punishment if he got caught.  Tommy also laughed but said that if she came downstairs to prepare the shop by cleaning, making sure the stock is put on the meat counter, etc before opening the shop, which she normally did, and release him before, then nobody would know beside them. 
   She agreed but with three conditions, which were that he had to wear a ball gag and a pit mask over the ball gag, so he couldn’t talk and his looked would look like a pig.  This way he would almost look like an actual and sound like a pig with ball gag.  She would even film and take couple of photos on her phone and shared it with him and online on their shared websites.
   Tommy at first was a bit unsure and nearly backed out but just nodded his head and agreed.  Suzy said she would set everything up.  So, over the next couple of weeks, Suzy bought the ball gag and pig mask online and measured the food counter and looked at getting restraints so she could hang Tommy upside down like a real pig. 
   When the time came, she told Tommy that if he came around to the shop, just before closing, then they would go to her flat and get him ready.  Tommy was surprised to find the butcher wasn’t surprised to see him at closing time but just shrug it off as the butcher knew that Tommy and Suzy were friends.  After closing time, both Tommy and Suzy went upstairs and had some tea from the chippy (fish and chip) shop next door and started to get ready.
   Tommy got undressed and Suzy put his clothes in the clothes basket, then she put the ball gag in Tommy’s mouth and then the pig mask went on.  Suzy asked Tommy to try to talk and although he couldn’t, she seemed satisfied that the mmpphhh almost sound like a pig.  She then put a collar around Tommy’s next and put a leash on it.  Tommy was taken aback but Suzy assured him that this was only part of the roleplay and he relaxed.  Suzy then went into the bedroom and changed into her white uniform with a red and white striped apron and came out and took hold of the leash.
   “Okay piggy, com on then, we need to the fridge, so I can hang you for tomorrow morning.”  She pulled the leash gentle and lead him downstairs to the shop.
   Despite the coldness of night-time, Tommy was getting a bit turned on about this and how Suzy was pretending that he as a long pig and not a human.  She led him through the shop to the back and down the stairs to the basement, which had been turned into a large fridge by the butcher.  After entering the fridge, Suzy leads him towards the wall on the right where she had attached the leg restraints to the hooks, which were attached to the ceiling themselves.  The restraints were attached to a pulley which was set up, so Suzy could pull her long pig upside down to the ceiling.
   “Okay Piggy, first let me tie your hands first.”  She pulled out a pair of wrist ties she bought online as well and tied his hands behind his back. 
   Tommy was definitely getting a bit hoe, despite the coolness of the fridge.
   “Okay dokey, now let’s hang you up for tonight.”  Suzy giggled. 

   She used a trolley over and helped her long pig onto the trolley and put the restraints around his ankles and started pull his up by his ankles as far as she could do before tying the end of the pulley rope onto the opposite wall.  She noticed the semi hard member of her piggy and giggled again.
   “Wow, that sausage could be the first bit to be sold on the counter.” She licked her lips at this comment.
Tommy knew that she was getting off on this as roleplay as much as he was.  Then she took her phone out and took several shots of him including couple of his head, torso, and legs.  She even pushed him gently so he could swing and filmed that.  After she put her phone away and pulled a small cart with a selection of knives on them.
   “Okay piggy, I will leave you here until the morning, where you might get butchered, and your will be sold.”  She giggled again and walked out the fridge shutting the door after herself.
   Then Tommy was left there through the night.  He was slightly cold but not too cold and sometimes look at the small cart with those knives where his imagination ran wild with he thought of whether or not Suzy would get to him before the butcher.

   In the morning, Tommy was getting a bit stiff and a bit worried.  He didn’t know how long he had been hanging or if his friend would come before the butcher would come to open up.  Then he heard the door open and at first thought, thank god it’s Suzy.  Instead, the butcher himself walked in.  Oh shit, thought Tommy, who started to wriggle and speak but with him hanging from the ceiling with his hands tied at his back and the ball gag, he just looked and sound like a pig.
   “SSSUUUZZZYYY,” shouted the butcher, “COME IN HERE NOW.”
   Suzy walked in with a smile on her lips.  “Yes master.”
   Tommy stopped trying to speak and wriggling but was left swinging gently confused by what Suzy had said.
   “What is this doing here girl?” asked the butcher, looking at Tommy.
   “Oh, so new stock.  As we are getting a bit low on pork, I thought I would try get some more for you to cut and put on the meat counter in the shop.”
   The butcher growled, sighed, and shook his head.  “Very well.”  He looked at the cart with the knives on.  “Well at least you got the knives ready.”
   Suzy just smiled innocently at Tommy, curtsied to her boss/master, walked up to him stood on one leg, lifting her other a tiny bit and kissed him on the cheek.
   “I’m here to please Master.”
   The butcher sighed again and shook her head and then put an arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest and took a deep snog on the lips with his tongue, while her hands went immediately round his next.
   Tommy was now totally confused and frightened and didn’t know what to do.  So, he just squealed into he ball gag and wriggled again. 
   The butcher stopped kissing his employee/girlfriend and looked at what he now saw was a pig.  “Well let’s get started.”  He walked to the cart and picked up a knife and took a stop towards the hanging piece of meat.

Unbeknown to poor Tommy, Suzy and the butcher actually were not only into the cannibal fantasy community but they actually did select a few people who classed themselves as long pigs and cultivate a friendship with them online or in person, like Tommy  When the time came for either more meat or a very selected delivery service for a very special clientele, then they would trick the long pig into coming to the shop and…..well become meat.

The End
Oink, oink.

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Re: New Meat Stock
well that longpig met its destiny like we all eventually will... if only in our fantasies. thanks for a great story.
not much going on

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Re: New Meat Stock
Good story. I definitely felt myself in Tommy's position--immobilized, tied up, strung up, getting off on his fantasy, and then realizing that he was about to cooked and eaten. I liked that, I identified with that, and I wanted the same for me. I am very ready, very willing, and very able for fantasy roleplay if any femcan or male cannibal is interested.