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Piggie Plumpkins encounters the Femcan Convent. Episode 14
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Piggie Plumpkins encounters the Femcan Convent.
Episode 14

Intermission was over and the eyes of the returning throng were greeted by the most thrilling of spectacles in all of torturedom--the Pendulectulum! Far more cruel than any mere pendulum blade swinging within a pit, such as the one that Poe imagined--this was a devilishly destructive device that excelled even the most feverish man’s nightmares!

Only the most man-hatingest of female minds could ever conceive this most harrowing of hell-spawned horrors--namely, none other than Saintress Severina! And of course her countless cohorts of cruelty, the Daughters of Devourment, who then applied their iniquitous ingenuity to further refine and perfect it over the centuries…

This punishing pendulum’s wicked weapon swung on a short arm from a low wooden framework fastened to the Penectotine’s front. The serrated blade edge of this spine-chilling slicer was topped by a metal tray brimming with glowing charcoal--functioning as a firebox to heat the steel of the entire carving contraption to a cherry red.

The Coven’s two young apprentices broadly grinned at the helpless Plumpkins and each vigorously pumped upon bellows aimed into the live coals--having a mischievous game of which could make them hotter. Finally, after the pendulum blade had been brought to a luminous orange, the Grand Inquisitrix Dominique nodded with satisfaction. “Conduct the test.” she said tersely.

A fresh cucumber was placed upon the Pendulectulum’s cutting board by The High Torturess and she commenced the pendulum to swinging. Each whistling stroke brought the blade lower and lower until it carved off a sizzling sliver of instantly cooked wafer thin vegetable flesh.

Despite being snugly bound, Plumpkins’ entire body shuddered with a toe curling wince at the sight. 

“Mr. Plumpkins gets the idea!” Sister Ravenousetta said with a chuckle, much to the amusement of all within earshot--even Grand Inquisitrix Dominique couldn’t help smiling quietly.

The Grand Inquisitrix then nodded toward Prioress Painette and instructed “Commence the Sacrament of Saintress Severina.”

The Prioress declared “Proceed with the Sacrament!”

The entire gathering rose from their seats and proceeded to form into a long line, while the Confessional Coven and entourage made the final adjustments to the Pendulectulum. The High Torturess removed the cucumber with her bespiked leather gloved hand and secured Plumpkins’ penis in it's place on the cutting board, giving him a knowing smile.

The Head Sister Chef then reintroduced herself “It’s very good to see you again, Mr. Plumpkins--I am very much looking forward to serving you in the near future!” She gently guffawed at her own play on words, and then produced a section of horseradish carved into a rod, carefully sized to fit inside the urethra. She lubricated it liberally with Ghost Pepper oil and proceeded to slide the torrid tuber up inside Plumpkins’ piteous penis.

“YEEEEEEEIIIIIII-HIIIIIIIII-HIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Plumpkins shrieked as his member swelled up with inflammation, until it was bulging an agonized throbbing purple. All the nuns present, including the entire Inquisitrix Counsel, nodded to each other with pleased approval. Although a penis aroused by desire was most certainly an outrageously hideous abomination to their minds, in contrast--a penis swollen from suffering an unendurably excruciating affliction was considered to be a perfectly satisfactory outcome!

The Coven’s apprentices stood by vigilantly with their bellows at the ready, keeping the coals well tended with frequent gusts.

The Nunnery’s entire cloister had by now queued up before the helplessly waiting Plumpkins, as if to receive a calamitous form of Communion. And who was at the very head of the line to receive the Sacrament of Saintress Severina, first of all? The youngest bully girl, of course--beaming with pride!

Prioress Painette signaled to the Confessional Coven and The High Torturess set the pendulum blade and it’s brimming cargo of radiant coals into motion.

The first swing swished by a mere fraction of an inch above it’s turgid target--completely harmless but for the copious heatwaves roiling the surrounding air, that briefly broiled Plumpkins’ flesh in passing.

It then dropped to the next position with a loud clunk and sailed back downward, to hiss and sputter as it sawed effortlessly through the glans of his penis at the very tip--producing a high pitched scream from him as the resultant thin crispy chip was apportioned to the youngest bully girl, placed upon her tongue by Prioress Painette. She devoured it with delighted ecstasy!

The mechanism was then reset as the next bully girl stepped forward for her share, and so forth for the remainder of the convent’s congregation, eagerly waiting in line…                     
To be continued…
Fated to be Femcan fodder...

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