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Piggie Plumpkins encounters the Femcan Convent. Episode 13
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Piggie Plumpkins encounters the Femcan Convent. Episode 13
Piggie Plumpkins encounters the Femcan Convent.

Episode 13

When they had their fill of singing, the cruelty crazed congregation commenced clamoring exuberantly for evermore wild whirlwinds of whip strokes upon Plumpkins by the savagely sadistic Whip Mistress and her enthusiastically evil disciple.

By contrast, the goddessesquely gorgeous Grand Inquisitrix Dominique observed the helpless Plumpkins’ sufferings with aloof silence. She was all business, cold and unemotional as a marble statue. Her unwavering goal regarding Plumpkins was first and foremost to ensure that the Infinite Justice of Saintress Severina was infallibly achieved…

True to her purpose--when the final second of Plumpkins’ prescribed hour of punishment was precisely reached, Dominique called the proceedings abruptly to a halt. (She pointedly ignored the sighs and moans of disappointment from the younger members of the audience.)     

She then addressed the bully girls as a group. “It is the understanding of The Inquisitrix Counsel that the next charge against this transgressor is of exceptional sinfulness. Therefore, the Counsel needs congruence from all of you regarding his committing such loathsome and contemptible acts…”

The bully girls solemnly assembled before The Counsel and stood by as the youngest bully girl made  ready to state the final item on their list of licentious lies.     

Grand Inquisitrix Dominique nodded for her to proceed.

The youngest bully girl glared brazenly at Plumpkins and duplicitously declared “Plumpo used to come up from behind us with both hands and grope our breasts!” Her fellow bully girls all nodded vigorously and sounded their assent.

An astonished gasp of utter horror arose from the crowd, followed by a foment of ferocious rage!
For her part, Grand Inquisitrix Dominique’s beautiful angelic face became contorted into a demonic mask of utter fury! No one had ever seen her this angry--blood vessels bulging from a bright red forehead, bared teeth clenched into a feral grimace, and her eyes practically shooting out flames!

Sister Ravenousetta positioned herself within Plumpkins’ hearing and said to the youngest bully girl “I wonder if our sinner has learned his lesson about giving an early confession? The sooner he admits his guilt, the lighter his punishment will be…”

At this point, Plumpkins’ was, of course, desperate enough to try just about anything--his poor beaten and busted crotch was black, blue and bleeding! If humoring these harping harridans from Hell helped hold them off from handing out another ball busting batch of abuse, he was onboard for it…       
“I confess!” Plumpkins frantically admitted, despite his qualms.

Astonished silence fell upon the gathering as all looked toward the Grand Inquisitrix with dire presentiment…

A tempestuous maelstrom of utterly unchecked, unreasoning rampage gathered within Dominique…

The Confessional Coven exchanged knowing glances and triumphantly high-fived one another. This had been their grand strategy all along, with Sister Ravenousetta as a co-conspirator.

They had manipulated the circumstances in order to trigger one of the Grand Inquisitrix’s infamously  explosive tantrums--a choleric conniption , a tirade of temper, a rankling of irrational wrath! All now about to fall directly upon the hapless sinner within their clutches...         

There would be no amelioration of Plumpkins’ predicament now--this confession was to a sin  Dominique considered totally Beyond the Pale! She would unfailingly insist upon the outright maximum punishment in her power with absolutely no heed or moderation whatsoever!
Virtually speechless with anger, Dominique struggled to form words until finally exploding thunderously with “BRING OUT THE PENDULECTULUM!!!!”

This was absolute music to the Confessional Coven’s ears--the Pendulectulum was their very favorite most of all the Penectotine’s accessories. They gleefully bustled off to the equipment repository to gather up all the requisite components.

The audience filed out for a timely intermission as the Coven jubilantly returned and proceeded to industriously assemble the horrifying complexities of their current most implement of infliction.

All the while, the Grand Inquisitrix irately oversaw the proceedings with her lovely arms crossed and a delicate toe impatiently tapping--her exquisite eyes fiercely boring directly into the trepidation filled Plumpkins as he helplessly watched…             

To be continued…
Fated to be Femcan fodder...

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