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The Femcan Soroity
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The Femcan Soroity


   Angela was sort of an outcast at the college, being a bit plump looking and being a British exchange student. She had been always been seen as an outcast even at comprehensive school back home and coming over to the US to attend the University didn't seem to help at all and even making things worse. After arriving at the university, she tried to join the Ro Phi Zeta sorority but they made sure she failed the pledge challenges.
   So here she was, eating by herself at MacDonald’s, feeling depressed and stabbing at her food, shoving a bit of the tasteless meat into her mouth. Not great but alright she thought. She did notice four girls at a nearby table, eating and giggling to themselves. They looked like they were part of the sorority and hence popular by their pretty looks.
   Angela jumped, looking up. The four girls were leaning over her table, grinning at her. "You were one of the pledges at that Ro Phi Zeta sorority this year, weren't you?" The blonde of the group and leader by the look of her asked.
   Angela just stared up at them. "Um…yeah." she replied finally, finding her voice. She really did thought they were of the sorority but she was wrong. Well, at least they were talking to her.
   One of the two brunettes smiled. "I thought so. I'm sorry to hear you didn't make it," she said. "That lot can be so mean. It’s a pity you didn’t sign up with our little sorority. You would have made an awesome Fem Can girl."
   "R-really?" Angela blinked in confusion. She really didn’t know that there were two sororities.
   "Yeah!" The other brunette said with a smile. "In fact, we decided to give you a chance of joining us, despite it not being at the beginning of the year.
   Angela was amazed and just nodded and looked at the four girls smiling faces.
   “In fact we would like to invite you to a sleep-over tomorrow night at Lindsey's mansion to get to know you better.” She indicated the blonde. “It will be just the four of us and we'd love to have you come."
   The Asian-looking girl licked her lips, nodding. "It'd be so much fun," she said with a smile. "Will you come?"
   Angela swallowed, trying to act like she was thinking about it and not like she was too eager. "Yeah! I mean sure, that...that sounds like fun."
   "Great!" Lindsey said, smiling. "We'll see you at this address tomorrow. Just bring yourself." She gave a piece of paper to Angela, winked at her and walked off with the other three.

   Angela stood outside of the large house, sort of squirming and twisting her fingers through her red hair. She felt so awkward and after she stopped fiddling with her hair, she gave a deep breath, and clutched her bag to her sort of pudgy stomach and walked to the front door.
   She tried to find out about this sorority but no-one ever heard of it. But even so, if it means that she’s part of an unknown one and these four girls become her friends, then who cares.
   After pressing the door bell, Lindsey answered the door. "Oh, Angie! Come on in!" Lindsey stepped aside and letting Angela walk into the hallway and saw Jasmine standing next to Lindsey. "Come on, we're about to go skinny dipping."
   Angela blushed. "Skinny dipping?" she asked, uncertain.
   "Yeah! I and Jasmine were just about to get ready before you rang the bell. Rachel and Tori are already in the pool."
   "Come on!" Jasmine grabbed her arm and leads her upstairs. Both the girls started to strip down, turning to Angela. "Well?" the girl asked, crossing her arms.
   Angela blushed. "I…I don't know…I mean…" She bit her lip.
   "Oh, come on," Lindsey said, walking behind her. She started to tug off Angela's shirt. "Everyone has something they don't like about their body. But no one's going to judge you."
   Angela nodded and let herself be stripped down with the help of the other girls. She followed, still feeling awkward, as they lead her to the pool. The two brunettes looked up. "Oh, wow, Angie," one of them said. "You don't need to be so embarrassed. You've got a great body. Right Tori?"
   Tori looked up. "Yeah! You're so cute. I'm so jealous."
   Angela bit her lip. "You really think so?" she asked.
   "Totally," the two girls said synonymously. "Come on in, the water's great!" Rachel added.
   The three girls climbed into the pool, the cool water feeling good against their skin. They played in the water for about an hour, and then Lindsey suggested they go back inside. So the wet, giggling girls headed for the inside. They sat down on chairs, wrapped in towels, and the four girls asked Angela about herself.
   They found out that she was an only child and managed to become an exchange student. She only had her father, who was a sailor in the British merchant navy and she didn’t get to see him much.
   After the questions, the four girls said that they had to get some food and drink and went inside for about 10 minutes. Tori came outside and sat next to Angela. “How are you doing?”
   “Alright.” Angela answered.
   “"Well we were talking and we decided that instead of giving you some stupid pledge challenges, we will accept you into our little sorority.”
   “Erm, okay but I can’t find out any information about the sorority. No one seems to have heard of it.
   “Oh, I see.” Tori said. “Well it’s a new one and we hardly got any members, so it’s not surprising that no-one has heard of it. But we really need more members, and we have been unlucky this year but we would love you to join us.”
   “But I thought you would need to pass whatever pledge challenges to join?”
   “Yeah I know, but we thought that you were perfect and so we really want you to join.” Tori licked her lips in anticipation. “So how about it? You can even help to promote us at the University."
   “Wwweeellll.” Angela wasn’t too sure. Sure these four girls were actually nice to her and they did seem to want her to join. “Okay I will join. But what about the initiation?”
   “Oh don’t worry about it.” Tori again licked her lips and Angela was starting to get a bit worried about the look in her eyes. “Come with me and we start it.”
   Tori leaped up from her seat and started to drag Angela into the mansion and straight into the kitchen.
   As soon as Angela was dragged into the kitchen, she first saw a huge table island in the middle, with a huge platter on it. She looked around the big kitchen and saw a huge oven, with its door open and also saw Rachel and Jasmine putting stuff on the worktops around the kitchen.
   “What the…?” Angela was startled when Tori whipped the towel Angela had round her body off her.
   “Only part of the initiation my dear.” Tori replied.
   Lindsey stood in front of Angela. “For the initiation to join the fem Can Sorority, we will pretend to cook you.”
   Angela was now really confused. “Erm okay.”
   All four girls were now walking around her, pinching and touching all over her body.
   “Ouch.” Angela was getting a bit uncomfortable with the attention. “What you doing? Why you doing this?” She asked turning around every time one of the girls touched her and even grabbed her bum.
   Tori grinned and whispered in her ear, “Getting a better look at the longpig.” As her hands roamed over her body.
   “A long what?” Angela asked in really confused and unease.
   Jasmine walked up behind her, rubbing her shoulders and as Angela started to relax, Jasmine said “A longpig, it’s a term cannibals use to describe their food.  Like other humans.”
   “What food, me. No way.” Angela heard Rachel laughed.
   “We aren’t really going to cook and eat you silly. This is just an initiation. Remember.” Rachel answered.
   “Erm, okay.” Angela didn’t sound reassured but she did read and heard some stories about these things. The four girls stopped walking around her but were still touching her like some piece of meat at a market. Jasmine was still massaging her shoulders, neck and arms and her body was starting to shudder at the attention it was getting and after a minute or so, she started to admit this was sort of fun.
   Tori’s hand slipped between her legs & Angela let out an unexpected moan, reddening at her reaction.
   Lindsey slipped between Jasmine and Angela and bound her hands with some butcher twine. Rachel tied her feet. Then the four girls hefted the struggling girl up from the chair and laid her on the platter that was already on the table island. Angela’s hands were tied to her feet, making her look a bit like a turkey.
   She looked up at them, wondering at what will happen next. “So what happens now?”
   Tori was grinning as she patted Angela’s bum and then moved around to stand in front of her and leaned down and licked Angela's cheek, shuddering. "You're going to be such a delicious meal." She assured the girl.
   "Yes Angie, you look so delicious."  Said Rachel.
   Suddenly Angela let out first a yell and then a moan as there was a sudden intrusion into her sex. "What…what are you doing?" she asked in confusion. Whatever they had put into her felt weird and she shifted, trying to figure out what they were doing when there was more stuff being shoved into her.
   "We're just stuffing the turkey," Lindsey said, her voice chipper. She patted Angela’s bum, pinching it a little roughly.
   Angela yelped. "Ow, that hurt," she told them.
   Jasmine knelt before her. "Sssh. Dinner shouldn't speak." She shoved an apple into Angela's mouth rather roughly. "You're our dinner, so just accept it."
   Just then she felt hands being spread apart her bum, as more stuff was shoved into her. She let out another moan behind the apple, not entirely sure how she felt about the rough treatment. She grunted as something rather long and large was shoved into both her sex and bum. She tried to turn her head, eyes widening. It looked like there was a carrot sticking out of her bum. She was getting a bit confused at what they were doing.
   If this was a part of the initiation, then why would they put whatever stuffing in her and stick a carrot and whatever in her sex and bum for and an apple in her mouth. She thought that when she was told she was dinner and was going to be delicious, then that was also part of it but this was getting a bit too much for her.
   Just then something cold and kind of sticky hit her skin. Brushes were run over her skin, causing her to shiver as goose bumps rose all over her. She closed her eyes as they brushed it over her face, the scent hitting her nose smelled a bit like a honey-glaze. She stared at them, finding it amazing just how much was into this initiation.
   She felt them sprinkle something onto her body, while some was rubbed between her sex and bum. She moaned again, wiggling. Whatever was inside her, felt...well good. She was starting to get wet. They seemed to realize this, and someone started moving whatever had been shoved into her in and out. She moaned louder and louder, finally climaxing.
   Then the object was shoved even deeper into her, causing a groan to escape past the apple in her mouth. They continued to sprinkle stuff on and around her.
   Jasmine came in front of her showing what it was, stuffing or something similar. The girl grabbed Angela's cheeks and shoved it around the apple. It was definitely stuffing, which surprised her. She wondered what was going on.
   Then they seemed satisfied with their work, each peering at her as they put their hands on their hips. "Well," said Lindsey. "Let's get her into the oven."
   Angela was even more confused now. What the heck was going on? Why put her in the oven? They weren’t actually going to cook her? Were they?
   Jasmine grinned and opened the oven door and Angela felt the heat coming from it and her eyes widened and started to squirm and screaming behind the apple. They ignored her, hefting her up and onto the door.
   "Now, now," Jasmine said, patting her cheek. "You know struggling isn't going to help. We're going to cook and then eat you, Angie." She smiled at the poor girl's wide eyes. "See, Lindsey, Rachel, Tori, and I are starting this new Sorority. The name Fem Can is short for female cannibal and we were hunting for our next dinner. When we saw you in MacDonald’s, we decided that we wanted a taste of that juicy ass of yours. We did our own research on you and being so unpopular and your dad is somewhere on a ship, no-one will miss you for a long time you have disappeared.” She laughed cruelly. "Well, time to pop you in the oven. We can't wait to have a nice Angie rump roast."

   They slid her into the oven. She stared out at them, thinking at first it was still part of the initiation but when the oven was starting to get really hot and her skin was starting to cook, Angela realised that she had been lied to and they were actually cooking and were going eat her. She squirmed even more now and starting to cry.
   Surely they could see she was in pain! But no, there they were, just watching her. Especially Jasmine who seemed to be staring at Angela intensely, licking her lips. Angela’s tears dried up and her throat was getting raw. Soon she was struggling less and her eyes slid slowly shut.
   They left her in for a few more hours before finally taking their roast out and setting her cooked body on the table. She looked delicious and defiantly tasted delicious as they ate.
Oink, oink.

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