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Chuck Roast expected to be a guest for dinner but became dinner instead part 3
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After arriving at her house, he rang the doorbell, and again he heard stirring inside and the locks snapping into place just before Bonnie Cook, his hostess, the beautiful woman who had invited him to be her dinner … companion, opened the very heavy wooden door to admit him. He was surprised to see that Bonnie Cook was dressed much as he was. She wore a tasteful, white, long-sleeved, button-down, oxford cloth dress shirt that was freshly starched and ironed. A tasteful, silk, striped navy necktie. And she wore a long red skirt, which perfectly complemented his charcoal gray slacks. Flirting, seductive, dominant, hungry, and female for her. Wanting, willing, obedient, delicious, and male for him.

Bonnie Cook smiled even brighter than she had before. “You followed my instructions precisely! And now you are perfectly dressed for dinner! But I have changed my mind. I have decided that we won’t go out for dinner. No, I’d rather stay here. I’ll make you dinner tonight right here!” She continued smiling brightly at him.

He smiled back. “Sounds great! I’d love for you to make me dinner tonight, Bonnie Cook! Right here!”

“You’ll have to pass through my kitchen first before you can get to my dining room!”

“Whatever you want!” he responded politely. “It makes sense to me that I must pass through your kitchen first before I get to your dining room!”

Bonnie Cook smiled. “Oh, yes! It makes perfect sense! You’ll see soon how much sense it makes for you to go through my kitchen before you can get to my dining room!” She grabbed his necktie and led him through the kitchen. “I hope that you don’t mind my leading you by your necktie! To me, it just feels … right!” She proudly pointed out how well he kitchen was equipped to make him dinner. “See my pots and pans?” He nodded. “I have small, medium, large, and extra-large!” He admired her many pots and pans as Bonnie Cook continued proudly, “I even have double extra-large, triple extra-large, and quadruple extra-large! I can cook meat of any size!” She smiled and beamed.

“I can see that. What is largest piece of meat you have ever cooked?”

Bonnie Cook laughed and said, “Oh, you’ll find out!”

“I am intrigued! I can’t wait to learn how large a piece of meat you can cook!”

“You will! Soon!” She laughed.

“Great! I look forward to that!”

“Me, too! Oh, yes! Me, too! You see, I am especially proud of the meat that I cook! And I’m cooking meat tonight! A very special and tasty kind of meat! I hope that you enjoy it! And you can help me with that special and tasty meat! You are perfect and perfectly dressed for helping me with the meat! I hope that you are ready for that!” Bonnie Cook smiled again. She looked hungry. She had a special shiny look in her eyes. They smiled and looked hungry, too. She was clearly anticipating cooking and eating special and tasty meat tonight! Bonnie Cook said, “Special and tasty meat!” again. She sighed, smacked her lips, licked them, and swallowed hard savoring in her mind the meat that she was soon going to cook and eat for real.

As she led him by his necktie into the dining room, he could not help but notice some odd decorations on the walls. They looked like giant spider webs. He asked her, “Are those … spider webs?” Bonnie Cook replied, “Very perceptive! Yes, indeed, those are giant spider webs! They’re Halloween decorations. That’s coming up soon, you know. I always stand with the webs surrounding me, and I dress as a black widow spider, the kind that makes love first and then eats the male that has satisfied her. I find fascinating! Do you find that fascinating, too? Would you make love with a woman knowing that she was going eat you afterward?”

He replied jokingly, “I don’t know. What did you have in mind?” And they both laughed. He thought that he detected hints not just of desire and satisfaction in her laugh, but of cruelty, too. But he wasn’t sure. Then he mentally chastised himself for having such a silly thought and dismissed it. Bonnie Cook was just teasing him. Or was she?

He remained wary but intrigued. He could imagine himself willingly submitting to being killed, perhaps even being cooked and eaten by Bonnie Cook if she made fantastic love with him first! Many times, he hoped! Kind of like that erotic Japanese film “In The Realm Of The Senses.” The woman plays erotic asphyxiation games with her lover and then kills him. Oh, yes! He wouldn’t mind that! No, he wouldn’t mind that at all! That would make him ecstatic! He almost came in his pants in anticipation of Bonnie Cook playing erotic asphyxiation games with him, and then cooking him and eating him!

Bonnie Cook continued explaining. “At Halloween dressed as a Black Widow spider, I hand out candy to all the boys and the girls. Then I separate the boys from the girls, and I tell the girls privately that they should encourage the boys to eat all their own candy as well as the girls’ candy with the goal of fattening them up. They will cook up better, will to be tastier, juicier, and more delicious when they cook them and eat them. Much like the story of Hansel and Gretel!” Then Bonnie Cook laughed. “Just kidding! But it’s a good story! It’s something that I could see myself doing when I was a girl, cooking and eating boy! I would love that! Would you let me fatten you up just so I can cook you and eat you?” Then she laughed again. “Just kidding!”

But he began to feel that she wasn’t. He still had trepidations. But as Bonnie Cook continued to stare at him and to speak soothingly to him, he began to lose his inhibitions, he began to like the idea. If Bonnie Cook wanted to fatten him up, cook him, and eat him, he might not resist her, he might let her. Not that he would have much of a say in the matter because he would be her slave, her victim, her meat, and her meal. And he began to like the idea.

They reached her dining room. She pointed to a chair at the table and indicated that he should sit down. She sat opposite him. She smiled erotically and hungrily at him, and she said soothingly, “Dinner will be done soon. I was just waiting for you.” She smiled again. They conversed pleasantly for a while. He enjoyed that. He felt himself becoming less and less apprehensive. She was a very good hostess, and probably a very good cook, too, he thought. He hoped so. After all, Bonnie Cook was going to make him dinner, and he wanted to be good.

Then she said, “This room is rather warm. I’m sorry about that. I’ve been having trouble with my furnace, and now the heat is troubling you. You look uncomfortably hot. Please take your jacket off. I don’t mind. I don’t want you to be too hot … at least not yet.” Bonnie Cook smiled oddly and seductively at him, licked her lips, and swallowed hard. And he thought that she meant he could get hot when they made love, and that would get hot, too. At least he hoped that was what she meant.

Bonnie Cook remarked sharply, “Oh, my! You look so handsome in your special white shirt and your special necktie! Again, you look good enough to eat, Chuck Roast! And I think I will!” She laughed. Then Bonnie Cook smiled at him again and said, “But you still look uncomfortable! That won’t do!”

Bonnie Cook rose from her chair and moved behind him. She said, “Oh, you look so uncomfortable, so anxious, so worried, so ill at ease! I’m so sorry! That won’t do! That won’t do at all! Not here! Not now! Let me help you unwind! Let me help you get ready for dinner, Chuck Roast!”

Bonnie Cook began to massage his shoulders using her surprisingly expert fingers. She moved her hands back and forth, back and forth, back and forth on his back to release his tension. He moaned with great unexpected pleasure and sighed, “Oh, that feels wonderful! That feels absolutely wonderful!”

Bonnie Cook replied, “I’m glad you like it, Chuck Roast! Here, let me do more to you before dinner!” She massaged him harder and deeper, harder and deeper, harder and deeper. But she wasn’t just massaging him. Bonnie Cook was kneading his muscles to tenderize them before cooking them. But he didn’t know that yet.

Chuck Roast moaned harder and deeper, harder and deeper, harder and deeper. “I am putty in your hands! Do with me whatever you want to do! Please, Bonnie Cook, do to me anything to me that you want to do! You make me feel better than I have ever felt before! I am yours! Please, Bonnie Cook! I am your slave! I will be whatever you want me to be! Please, Bonnie Cook, make of me be anything that you want me to be before you make me dinner!”

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