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First date
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First date
First date by Silenthunger. I really do like this one.  :P

She looked him up and down. Smooth skin. Rippling muscles. And a butt that made her mouth water.

He was talking, but she wasn’t listening. She nodded or grunted at appropriate intervals, leaving him to run his mouth while she admired his body.

He would do, she decided.

When he dropped her off, she aggressively pulled him inside. Sensing her hunger and thinking it matched his own, he allowed her to manhandle — or womanhandle — him into the kitchen. He was tall enough that his butt cheeks settled on the kitchen island without having to hop up.

Continuing, she tore off his shirt. Smooth. A waxed chest. Dark, delectable nipples. She licked one, causing him to giggle. He nosed in for a kiss, and she let him, feeling his tongue inside her mouth. Rippled.Wiry.

She started pulling his pants and boxes down together, and he helped, stepping out of them. When he reached to lift the strap of her black dress, she pushed him backwards onto the island. He obliged.

“In the middle,” she said, and he centered himself. Walking around the four corners of the island, she pulled out shackles that had been tucked into hiding spots along the edges, and started clasping them around his wrists, his ankles.

“I’m going to eat you all up!”

He possibly had misapprehensions, but decided to let his lower head make his decisions. “Well, I hope I taste delicious!”

“I’m sure you will.” She bound the last ankle and stood back, admiring the naked beauty of the male before her. Already his dick stood at attention, ready and willing to engage.

She climbed onto the table between his thighs, her eyes on his vein-popping manhood. Their eyes met, and she giggled, and leaned forward to take his cock in her mouth.

It was good. Juicy. Also washed recently, which she had come to appreciate. His hair was neatly trimmed. Unhinging her jaw, she plunged down, feeling his rigidness against the back of her throat. She slowing pulled up, her teeth lightly against his skin. She could hear him gasping, moaning, while his hips shivered.

She spent several minutes working the shaft, up and down, up and down. It inexplicably got harder as she set her teeth down further. She could feel the growing excitement between her own legs.

Right before he came, she pulled off, feeling a trickle down her leg. Ignoring his panting, she pulled off her underwear from under her dress and climbed on top of him.

His dick slid in like a fish into a pond. She felt herself squirt almost immediately. She leaned back, using his cock to find her sweet spot. She moved back and forth, moaning as she used him to fulfill herself.

He was quite happy to lay there, watching this beautiful clothed woman gyrating on top of him. His evening was progressing much faster than expected. He’d have been happy to get a kiss at the door tonight, but this woman did not appear to operate at any other speed than full on ahead. Not bad for a first date off the internet.

He began thrusting his hips, pulling against the shackles, feeling the rush into his manhood as she threw her head back and screamed. He exploded at the same time, sharing in her release as the mix of their bodily fluids gushed over his dick and balls. His eyelids drooped, and in that moment he felt a sting on his belly. His eyes flew open.

Still riding him, she held a knife with blood dripping down it. He glanced down and saw his gut had been opened from breastbone to navel.

“What the fuck!”

She smiled, seemingly ignoring his words, as she lay aside the knife and plunged both her hands into his torso.

He screamed. He struggled. The shackles held strong. She clamped harder with her thighs and moaned, enjoying his body’s bucking.She started pulling — thick ropey things — that he realized must be his intestines.

He stared in horror as she reached in again and came out with something else — kidney? Liver? She wouldn’t stop as he begged, begged and pleaded. More organs came out, organs he didn’t have a name for. She set some to one side — liver, kidneys, while letting the rest fall onto the floor.

She picked up the knife again, reaching into his torso. He had grown still from the shock of seeing himself eviscerated, but he continued to watch, feeling detached from the situation, as if it was a dream he would wake up from.

She left his heart and lungs intact, he realized.

She began thrusting again, his dick betraying him and remaining hard, yearning for the warm wetness. He started struggled again, and she moaned, feeling each thrust as he attempted to shake her off.

She got off him and he struggled harder. Surely one of these shackles would snap. He still had time. He was breathing (for how long?) and his heart was still in his chest. Perhaps — perhaps he could yet be saved. If only he could reach his phone—

She pulled out straps that must have been tucked under the edges of the table. Calmly, she threw them over his torso, then went to the other side to strap them down. They were tight — very tight. He wondered why she needed to strap down his body when he was already shackled.

A pain bit into his right arm just below the shackle. Straining to look up, she was using a different tool now and sawing through his arm.

He screamed. He no longer knew what he was screaming, but couldn’t tear his eyes away as, with a final snap, she wrenched away his hand. She sucked on his finger seductively while looking at him, then chucked it into a pot on the stove. It splashed.

She made short work of his other hand and feet, throwing them into the pot. His voice had faded to a whimper. He was starting to fade from blood loss, and even though his limbs were technically free, he didn’t have the strength to move them.

She climbed back on the table, and he watched, numbly, as she started sawing through his left leg at the knee. He saw the ball joint glistening as she wrenched it away. His flesh was red — red and bloody. She did the same to the other leg, setting them on the counter next to the pot.

He barely moaned as she started sawing through his thighs just below the pelvis, rending two huge hams. She nodded approvingly, and set them aside as well.

Next to come off were the arms — first at the elbow, then at the shoulder. He barely registered this, wishing for the sweet release of unconsciousness.

He felt the straps come loose and pull off of him. Then she was on him again, cutting through his belly above the dick. He heard a scrap as the knife scraped a bone.

Suddenly he was being rolled over, and he found himself staring at the gray countertop. Steel. Stainless steel, right?

Then she was sawing through his lower back. He shuddered as the blade went through his spine. What was left? What more could he take?

He felt his head being pulled back and set on his chin. He found himself staring at two rounded mounds of flesh.

“Normally, I’d separate these,” she was saying, “but they look so good together, hmmm. Would you like to see what I’m going to do to them?” She smiled and, opening her mouth wide, bit into one.

Then he realized. He was staring at his ass.

Nothing he could do, he thought, as she set his ass in a pan. She then flipped it over and he saw his dick from an angle he never though he’d see it at. “This, on the other hand,” she said conversationally as, using a knife, she cut away, first through the skin around his balls, “I’m going to have for a snack later. Rump takes a long time to roast. You taste good, you know that? It’s been a long time since I’ve had such quality cock.” With a flick of her wrist the dick separated from the groin and she popped the balls out of a cut in the scrotum. She set these aside and started rubbing olive oil over his rump and now-denuded crotch. She then flipped the whole thing until both ass cheeks pointed upwards and implanted sprigs of rosemary under the skin of his ass cheeks, and rubbed it all down with salt and pepper. She then walked over and slid his ass into the oven before his eyes. He didn’t want to admit it, but it looked delicious.


His remaining torso was pulled to the edge of the counter. “Now, I’m going to take some racks of rib off you. Teriyaki, I think. I’m going to grill these outside come Sunday. You don’t have a lot of fat, but they’ll cook quickly.” He felt the blade going in and out along his body. How much of him could possibly be left?

Then he was facing up, and he felt the knife teasing him under his chest. “These will fry up a treat.” He saw her hold up a rounding flap of meat. It had a nipple on it. “I always like how the nipple comes out. Chewy.Easy to burn though.”

He felt his heart thump, thump, slowly as her hand reached under his collarbone.

“Now it’s time to say good night. You’re the best lay I’ve had in a long time. I will enjoy you for weeks to come.” He gasped as there was a sudden pain, and she held up his lungs for inspection. “Almost there. One moment…”

His last memory the feeling of a hand twisting his heart inside the remains of his chest and the smell of roasting meat.

She hummed, packing and putting away and cleaning up the kitchen. Her date’s head sat on the counter, facing her with glassy eyes.

He had a pretty face. She caressed it before scoring around the hair line with a knife. Ripping off the hair, she tossed the head into the boiling pot. Scrapple. It bobbed uncertainly before sinking below the surface of the water.

She set a pan on the stove. She turned to the cock and balls. Always her favorite.

She removed the membrane from the balls before popping them in the pan. She watched them for a moment, then dropped in the dick.

She sat on her little porch with her plate of treats and a glass of red wine.The balls were hot, with a juicy pop of flavor. The dick was more chewy, but beautifully fried, tasting better than it had been attached to it’s late owner.

She moaned as her lips closed around the tip.

This had been a good date.

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Re: First date
Excellent story! It was very hot, as hot as the heat that cooked him piece by piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope that you post more. Thanks! :)

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