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Fiction / Re: THE ISLAND
« on: March 24, 2023, 05:47:40 PM »
Great story, many thanks to the Author. Too bad I only found it now. I think it's time to for me to get naked and visit the Island again.

Share Your Game Ideas / First contact with the Femcans
« on: March 20, 2023, 03:53:07 PM »
Before Lana decides if I deserve a place on her table, I think, I should be properly assessed. I crawl onto the stage in a natural pose, on all fours. My body is of course, completely shaved, to avoid having to wash it later, I don't have carcass markings on me, Femcans are experienced enough to make precise cuts. With the blades of their knives, they check the skin tension on the back, the fleshiness of the neck, collarbone meat, hams and buttocks. It is also worth checking the anal gap before introducing the grill. When turned me onto my back, the Femcans check the quality of the meat on the ribs and breasts with the toes of their boots. Time to assess testicle weight and penis size. Of course, it is enough for the Femcans to let me open my eyes and look at them for me to react with an erection. For sure, it would make genital extraction easier if Lana were interested in such trophies. Together with the nipples or fragments of the skeleton, they could be a souvenir, but I dare not to impose myself.

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